The Fastest way to add a note in Notion

Revolutionize Your Productivity: Add notes to Notion in seconds, not minutes.Effortlessly capture tasks and ideas in your databases without logging in to Notion.

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Formerly known as Notion To-Do

Introducing Quick Add Pro

Don't let your best ideas slip away - quickly capture them with Quick Add Pro and streamline your workflow in Notion.

You Love Notion

But entering information is slow and painful.

Endless searching for a database

Frustrated with how slow to enter information

Forgetting something because you did not write it down

Add your note instantly to Notion without logging in.

Quick Add Pro could be called the fastest client on earth for any database that you connect.


Simple and Secure

It's easy to capture your ideas: use the title field for a quick note, or add an optional description for more detail. It's that simple!

Multi Databases

Connect to all of your databases securely. In Notion, you may have many databases in many pages. Use Quick Add Pro to eliminate searching for them all.

Web Enabled

How will you access Quick Add Pro? Access using any device through your web browser.

Blazing Speed

Quick Add Pro is the fastest way to a note to any database in Notion. You can add something in 3 seconds.


Connect to one.

Connect to many.

What are Big Fans of Notion Saying


Notion Lover


"Fastest way to get something out of my head"


No-code Automation Expert


"When trying to do deep work I want to stay focused. Using this enables me to quickly empty my head of a thought and review later"




"Bookmarking like an app from my phone as a shortcut was a key element for me"

How To Get Started?

Get Quick Add Pro today.

Connect your Notion account.

Web browser access for any device.

Add something in 3 seconds or less.




Perfect for quick action with less thinking

Unlimited Single Database Use

Enter in Title and Descriptions

Connect Unlimited Databases


$5 / month

Perfect for ability to send your notes to multiple databases

Unlimited Multi Database Use

Enter in Title and Descriptions

Connect Unlimited Databases


What will I get once I purchase Quick Add Pro?

Once the app is signed into, you will be given step by step instructions to connect to Notion. Our Pro plan offers quickly adding data to unlimited databases.

Do I have to download anything?

Nope! Quick Add Pro is a ‘body’-less client side app that can connect with any type of Notion database via our web app

Can it be used in more than one database?

Quick Add Pro gives you the freedom to choose where your ideas and tasks go: add them to any database in Notion.
Connect to one database on the Free plan, or connect unlimited databases on the Pro plan for maximum flexibility and control.

Does Quick Add Pro store my Notion information?

Nope! All your information is passed to your Notion database never stored on our servers. We cannot see what you send to your Notion.

Is it secure?

Yes! Quick Add Pro is secure so that no one can spam your account.



Hi! We loved using Notion, but wished for a faster way to enter in tasks and thoughts into it. Notion is too slow and cumbersome to find the folder you’re looking for.Thats why we decided to create something that made adding to notion super simple. In only a few short months over 900 people have found this tool to be helpful. Thats why we are enhancing this tool to make it even easier to add your note into notion! Sign up to follow all of our updates.

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Quick Add Pro is owned and operated from St. Louis, MO.
Contact us via email if you have any questions.

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